Oovoo.com Website Review & Ratings + ooVoo Coupons
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Oovoo.com Website Review & Ratings + ooVoo Coupons

ooVoo is a company that provides instant gratification to those who never want to miss out on life's most cherished moments. They provide a phone application that permits consumers to dial-up and video chat from the convenience of their cell phone whenever the mood arises. Their applications can also be utilized on computers to host conference calls, Webinars and any other engagement ones creative imagination can conjure up. whether you have a Mac, android or iPhone they provide an all-inclusive experience for people all over the world.

ooVoo has been helping businesses stay connected and is currently receiving high marks for being the most efficient source for Web conferencing. They get that your relationships are only as strong as the resources available to you and they are committed to utilizing technologies best in everything they do. They are Cloud Driven which gives them the capacity to offer their users HD multi-point video and audio which uses less bandwidth than most video chat applications. In addition to this they provide the following options:

ooVoo: What makes it different?

ooVoo enjoys employing the best of the most complicated technologies to serve as a forum that makes the most important conversations happen. Their dedicated customer care is available to help walk their constituents through an already simplistic approach to being up and running within minutes. The beauty of what they offer can be experienced for free or at a cost-effective price that will help support a variety of businesses and personal relationships. Their dedication to your happiness can be realized within the following categories:

ooVoo vs. primary competitors (sites similar to ooVoo)

ooVoo has competitors like Paltalk.com and Fuze Box, two industry leading establishments that have created their own versions of video chat opportunities. Each company has a different approach that has been well received by those that fit within their specific niche. What they do have in common is their video chat capabilities, but what separates them are the ways in which they permit their users to access and apply their programs.

Fuze Box offers a software program that support a variety of communications needs like Multi-Party HD Video Conferencing, Webinar Hosting, Easy intuitive Interface, Integrated Telephoony and a variety of other options. In addition to mobile apps, FuzeBox.com can be followed on Facebook and twitter to access product insights and other types of current events. It is a very helpful resource for staying connected and gathering much-needed data in a flash.

Paltalk.com is a downloadable software ecosystem that permits Windows Subscribers access to their chat room forums to engage categories like music, politics, religion and lots more.They now offer Paltalk Express which is a version that is compatible on any computer with a browser that has Flash and Java resources. This is a very appropriate program that offers memberships to those that appreciate the power of social media forums via Video Chat that connects on a global scale.

ooVoo: Pricing & packages


  • Free Membership (includes 1 minute video recording, send files up to 5MB at a time & E mail Support)  $0.00
  • ooVoo Plus $9.95 Monthly - $89.55 Annually (HD video, HR video, Call recording, Video call link, YouTube upload and more).
  • ooVoo Pro $29.95 monthly to $269.55 Annually (Full screen, Text chat, Video Chat Room, 1000 minutes of Storage, 10 minutes Video Message, Send Files up to 25MB at a time, Live support and so much more)


  • Free download $0.00 ( Permits 60 seconds of viewing only, but can continue to talk)
  • Plus membership $8.95 pеr month (streams up tо sіx оf thеir own webcams аt а time)
  • Extreme mеmbеrship $14.95 monthly or $60.00 Annually (unlimited streaming)


  • Fourteen Day Free Trial period
  • Personal Membership $29 a month or $279 a year (25 attendees, unlimited meetings,2 GB of storage and toll-free number)
  • Plus Membership $49 a month or $479 a year (45 attendees, remote control unlimited meetings, 10 GB of storage and more)
  • Professional Membership $69 a month or $662 a year (100 attendees, Webinar capabilities,site branding,meeting recording and much more)

ooVoo and Paltalk.com offer free versions of their products and services which has been a great way to attract consumers. Each establishment has a series of program packages that meet consumers where they are in terms of their careers and personal lifestyle preferences. The best entry way into this particular market will greatly depend on the professional and lifestyle circumstances consumers are faced with. Each company has very attractive offerings with flexible rates that present both annual and monthly payment options.

ooVoo: Product images & screenshots
ooVoo Coupons
ooVoo: Customer reviews & comments

ooVoo is simply bringing amazement to the lives of it's consumers as they take on the simplicity of utilizing their technology to get plugged into the conversations that matter most to them. because they offer so many different programs within their system, it has become easy for consumers to experience the value they’re bringing to the industry of technology. Written testimonials were not easy to find, but there were a good number of those documenting their experience of ooVoo  through their gadgets. The following are video excerpts of what consumers think about their memberships:


Rachel Geltman
Owner, Video Chat Network  Watch this...
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